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Big dreams begin small. VNC is one of the big ones, that began small but now have greater dreams and ambitions to achieve. Having proven ourselves as the most trustworthy company in the south Indian steel sector, we have made excellence our second nature.


Starting with a vision to provide high quality industrial products at affordable prices to the customers, we have constantly upped our game with newer and better products and services that add value to our customers lives.

After single-handedly revolutionizing the business and setting new standards in the industrial product category with our BEST range of products, we are now moving to the next level.

VNC Group


Since its formation in 1983, VNC Group has been consistently run with the focus on creating values not only for VNC, but also for the society it operates in. The group is driven by the four core values.

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VNC offers a wide range of innovative and quality products, including the famous BEST series that has become the industry benchmark over the years. Some of them we manufacture and some we distribute for TATA Steel Ltd.





BESTARC was developed as a solution to the scarcity of general-purpose electrodes for both organized and unorganized sector. The small fabricators choose BESTARC owing to its all-positional, operational welding. The organized sector found BESTARC very energy efficient. BESTARC helped save 15% on electricity bills and achieved a 15% increase in output, thereby providing a total saving of 20% on the operational cost. BESTARC has both E6013 and E7018.


Why choose BESTARC?

Best Value for Money
Best Welding Performance
Best Energy Saver
Best Sales and Service
Best Reliability, Durability and Quality


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BESTWIRE binding wire was introduced in 1988. Back then, binding wires were sold as a commodity product. We were the first to introduce a branded binding wire as a high-quality alternative to the rest of the low quality binding wires. BESTWIRE is scale free and bar benders find it most suitable to work with, since it doesn’t break and is safer than the other wires. Owing to its superior quality, good packaging and its availability through our extensive network, BESTWIRE is not only a top class branded product but also a market leader in Tamil Nadu.


Features of BESTWIRE

The wire is very soft and doesn’t break easily.
Uniform size (20G) throughout its length and ensures savings to customers.
Doesn’t scale and hurt the masons.
Distinct packaging to protect the wire from rusting.
Available in standard packing weight of 10 kg, 25 kg and 50 kg.


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In today’s world security is one of the main requirements not only for the residential houses but also for industrial plots and agricultural fields. We observed a need for providing a fencing solution to agriculturists and common men to protect their property and investments with minimum expenditure. This led to the introduction of BESTFENCE. We were the first in the industry to come out with branded products of barbed wires and wire link fencing. BESTFENCE is manufactured from high quality TATA Wiron Galvanized Iron wires known for its long-lasting life.


BESTFENCE is the only barbed wire in Tamil Nadu manufactured confirming to IS: 278 specifications. This standardizes the length and angle of the barb, the distance between the barbs, the Iowa type double twisting in a continuous length throughout the coil to give the customer value for money. Our standard packaging weight of the barbed wire bundle with the guaranteed length/weight ratio helps the consumer to plan his requirement accurately. We were also the first one to introduce selling by length, rather than weight. This is a radical step for making it simpler for end-customer to buy the product.


Along with this, we also produce Chain Link and PVC Coated Chain Link that have great finish and stands firm making it ideal for fencing your gardens, playgrounds, boundary wall, highways, airport, etc.


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BESTBUILD is the outcome of VNC’s aspiration to address the availability gap of high-quality building finishing materials at affordable prices.


BESTBUILD Wall Putty provides a smooth, strong and water-resistant surface for the walls that ensures longer life of the painted surface. BESTBUILD has specially added polymers that delivers excellent bonding strength and prevents flaking of paints.


Features of BESTBUILD Wall Putty

White & Smooth Finish
Excellent Workability
Superior Bonding
10% Higher Coverage
Good Breathability

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GI Sleeve Wire is made from high quality TATA Wiron GI wires by uniform coating of PVC on GI wire.


Superior PVC coating assures excellent heat resistant character for helping plantations to creep and grow better. High purity hot dip zinc coating and excellent strength GI wire enable the product for a strong and long lasting life. GI sleeve Wire also has fire Resistant & Retardant Insulation.


Farms of Tomatoes, Graphs, Vines & Creepers for support & Trellises.
For growing vegetables.
Stay wire and Earth wire in Power Industry.
Support wire for cables and cable TV network.
For drying hanging wet cloths.
For manufacturing Hooks, Hangers and Handles.


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Tiscon Superlinks




Over the years, a good amount of awareness has been generated about the usage of good quality reinforcement bars for the safety and longevity of concrete structures. However, the complete safety of the building can be ensured only if the main reinforcement bars are supported by stirrups of good quality. Traditionally, stirrups are made manually at the construction site by the bar benders using rudimentary ways. In most cases, such stirrups do not comply with prescribed standards. Besides dimensional inaccuracies, this can lead to improper locking of the ends thereby increasing the chances of failure during earthquakes.


Key Features
SUPERLINKS comes in a packaged bundle like any other consumer product which can be easily carried by consumers from the dealer outlets. Thus, the product will address the consumer need of safe structure as well convenience of buying.


In the face of shortage of labor and cost of working capital, SUPERLINKS enables builders and homeowners to complete the structures 70% faster over traditional methods, thereby providing significant savings.

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Tata Tiscon




Tata TISCON is a premium rebar brand from Tata Steel, the largest steel company in the Indian private sector and sixth largest in the world. It holds laurel of being the first Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) rebar in the country. Even since its inception in the year 2000, Tata TISCON has been shaping up the chaotic market of rebar commodity in India with its numerous initiatives. TISCON is new generation high strength ribbed reinforcement bar, the only rebar in India that has acquired the ‘Superbrand’ status. The new grade of 500D is different from ordinary bars in the method of manufacturing and consequently, in its combination of properties. As part of chemistry, any rebar necessarily contains two harmful impurities, Sulphur (S) and Phosphorus (P) in varying levels, which reduce the strength of steel in extreme hot and cold conditions. In Tiscon 500D, the combined level of Sulphur and Phosphorus is restricted to a maximum of 0.075% in 500D.


TISCON 500D is superior compared to other rebars in
Superior Rib Pattern
Sesimic Resistant Properties
Corrosion Resistant

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Tiscon Readybuild




The latest innovation from Tata Tiscon is Tiscon READYBUILD, which provides customized solutions for all your construction needs related to rebars. Constructing a building requires rebars of different sizes and shapes. Often cutting and bending of rebars is done at the construction site by unskilled labors, where there are high chances of wastages, inaccuracies & inefficiencies in the process. Cut & Bend service under Tiscon READYBUILD provides machine-made customized lengths and bends in accordance with the project’s blueprint. It is capable of making common shape stirrups to complex helical shapes.


Faster completion of job
On-time delivery
Minimal wastage
Superior Quality in all terms (steel, angles, bends)
Lower inventory
Easier procurement process for customers
Savings on labour cost
No need for wastage disposal

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Tata Pipes had been a pioneer in the manufacturing of pipes, specifically meant for plumbing applications. To meet the continually increasing demand for quality pipes in the plumbing and irrigation segment, significant improvements in the quality of pipes have been brought about through innovation in the pipe making and galvanizing process. Galvanized pipes are one of the most important elements in a plumbing set up. The pipes need to satisfy the specific characteristics during their intended usage, particularly with respect to ease of installation and water flow, long-term behavior with respect to corrosion resistance and longevity.


Key points
Savings & Economy: All Tata Pipes are made from the best quality steel from Tata Steel, with very low levels of Sulphur, Phosphorus and impurities.

Greater Resistance: Consistent and uniform Zinc coating both on the outside and inside of the tubes provides greater resistance to corrosion, avoidance of water contamination and longer life.

Superior Fabrication: Low levels of Carbon, Manganese in the steel, along with controlled rolling of HR stripes delivers superior fabrication characteristics when needed.

Reliability: Strict conformance to desired properties due to adherence to the schemes of testing and inspectionlaid down by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). This assures the consistent product quality and adherence to performance promises.

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Tata Structura




Tata STRUCTURA was launched as part of Tata Steel’s long-term commitment towards providing solutions to the construction and the infrastructural needs of the country, and with a view towards equipping the architect, engineering and the consultant fraternity with a new-age and contemporary construction product. Tata STRUCTURA provides significant enhancement in aesthetics and visual appeal and is being increasingly used in iconic structures countrywide. STRUCTURA avoids huge consumption of cement, sand and other materials to avoid pressure on the natural resources and the environment. Tata STRUCTURA is available in rectangular, square and circular hollow sections.


Delivers increased tensile capacity because of concentric connections and increased compressive strength because of higher radius of gyration.
Possess full strength under bending moment due to superior torsional rigidity.
Better compressive strength due to lower slenderness ratio and higher yield strength.
The concentric connections of symmetrical hollow sections are extremely efficient in resisting secondary moments.
Because of lightweight, the seismic forces on the structure will be less, thereby reducing the weight of the structure.
Up to 30% reduction in steel consumption as compared to conventional sections.
On earthquake resistant structures, the lower dead weight of Tata Structura helps in reducing the design loads, thereby reducing the material cost of foundation.

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Tata Shaktee




Tata Shaktee is Tata Steel’s flagship brand in the field of galvanized corrugated sheets. Tata Steel has been a pioneer in the field of manufacturing superior quality TATA Shaktee Galvanised Corrugated (GC) sheets. TATA Shaktee GC Sheets are not only made of virgin steel processed at TATA Steel’s state-of-the-art Cold Rolling Mill but also have uniform Zinc coating on them, which gives them the required strength in fighting the weather and to last longest. In addition to this, TATA Shaktee GC sheets are ISI certified under Bureau of Indian Standards (IS 277). All in all, TATA Shaktee GC sheets give more value for money and are the best choice for anyone looking for a product that will perform year after year.


Right hardness for roofing
High tensile strength
Excellent zinc adherence
Uniform zinc coating
Assured thickness and zinc coating
Perfect overlapping
Adequate chromating
Accurate dimension
Assured thickness

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DURASHINE is the flagship retail brand of Tata BlueScope Steel Ltd.
The brand manufactures and sells roll formed colour coated steel roof & wall sheets, structural products and accessories. Launched in the year 2008, the brand has become the preferred choice in the segment.


Zn-Al alloy coating and superior paint quality provides longer life and better corrosionresistance compared to galvanised sheet.
Manufactured from high quality rawmaterial ensures strong and durable sheets.
Zn-Al alloy coating ensures high heat reflectivity, thereby making the sheets an energy efficient solution.
Longer span and wider spread ensures design freedom and ease in installation.
Light weight sheets makes it easy to handle, install and lowers overall foundation cost.

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Tata Pravesh




Tata Steel’s history of offering innovative product solutions at affordable prices now has a new chapter with the introduction of ‘Pravesh Doors’ – steel doors that have the elegance of wood. Combining the strength of steel and the beauty of wood, Pravesh Doors offer complete peace of mind to its users in terms of price, quality, durability and security. The doors are manufactured from high grade steel using state-of-the-art technology to ensure supreme resistance to fire and other hazards commonly experienced in the case of wooden doors. Factory-engineered to perfection, every product is uniform in quality and finish; the texture resembles that of real wood.


Offers total security
Realistic, natural wood finish
Fire Proof
Termite Resistant

Recyclable and environment friendly

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VNC Group has presence across South India, with manufacturing base in Karur, Tamil Nadu. VNC Group is one of the fastest growing companies in South India and invites applications from professionals who don’t just want to earn well, but believe in creating true value: for themselves, their company and their country.






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