Tata TISCON is a premium rebar brand from TATA Steel, the largest steel company in the Indian private sector and sixth largest in the world. It holds laurel of being the first Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) rebar in the country. Even since its inception in the year 2000, Tata TISCON has been shaping up the chaotic market of rebar commodity in India with its numerous initiatives.

TISCON is new generation high strength ribbed reinforcement bar, the only rebar in India which has acquired the ‘Superbrand’ status.

The new grade of 500D is different from ordinary bards in the method of manufacturing and consequently, in its combination of properties. As part of chemistry, any rebar necessarily contains two harmful impurities, Sulphur (S) and Phosphorus (P) in varying levels, which reduce the strength of steel in extreme hot and cold conditions. In Tiscon 500D, the combined level of Sulphur and Phosphorus is restricted to a maximum of 0.075% in 500D.

The special microstructure of Tiscon 500D results in a rebar with excellent bend ability. The bar can bend easily and sharply. Tiscon 500D can be bend to the exact angle unlike ordinary rebars as desired by the design around mandrels, and is much smaller in diameter than what is specified in IS:1786.
Tiscon 500D, due to its low carbon equivalent, has weldability which is superior to ordinary rebars. It can be butt-welded or lap-welded using ordinary rutail coated electrodes of matching strength. In manual arc welding, no pre-warming or post-welding treatment is necessary.
Although steel and concrete are two different materials, they have to behave as a single unit in a reinforced structure. This can happen only when the concrete grips the steel rebar to form the strongest bond through the unique rib pattern of the rebar. Tiscon 500D has a unique rob pattern in terms of greater rib depth and closer rib spacing. The CNC notch cutting machines ensures uniform rib pattern for 100% of the rebars, which allows uniformly bonding with concrete for the whole structure. This is in contrast with ordinary rebars, where rib are cut manually which always leaves scope for non-uniform rib pattern. Due to uniformity and critically designed ribs, fatigue strength of Tiscon 500D is much superior to ordinary rebars.
Several studies were conducted on concrete beam column joints reinforced with Ticson 500D to evaluate its performance under repeated reversed loading with large deformations as would be encountered during an earthquake. The energy dissipation was found to be almost same for each cycle, indicating uniformly maintained ductility throughout the repeated stress cycles. The tests revealed superior seismic resistant propertied for Tiscon 500D. This facilitates minimum damage to the structure and hence minimizes casualties caused due to earthquakes. Tiscon 500D rebars demonstrate superior by providing safe and durable structures to the end user in this regard.
Tiscon 500D is produced by TMT technology and not by cold twisting. Therefore there is no torsional residual stress in the bar, which results in superior corrosion resistant characteristics compared to traditional cold twisted bars. On account of its composite and uniform microstructure, Tiscon 500D has comparatively better corrosion resistant properties than other TMT rebars, while being embedded inside concrete.

Chemical Properties

Chemical Properties Unit IS:1786, Fe 500 IS:1786, Fe 500D TISCON 500D*
Carbon % 0.300 max 0.250 max 0.250 max
Carbon equivalent ( C+ Mn/6) % 0.420 max 0.420 max 0.400 max
Sulphur % 0.055 max 0.040 max 0.035 max
Phosphorus % 0.055 max 0.040 max 0.035 max
S and P % 0.105 max 0.075 max 0.070 max

*as obtained in 90% of the heats