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BESTWIRE binding wire was introduced in 1988. Back then, binding wires were sold as a commodity product. We were the first to introduce a branded binding wire as a high-quality alternative to the rest of the low quality binding wires. BESTWIRE is scale free and bar benders find it most suitable to work with, since it doesn’t break and is safer than the other wires. Owing to its superior quality, good packaging and its availability through our extensive network, BESTWIRE is not only a top class branded product but also a market leader in Tamil Nadu.

Features of BESTWIRE

The wire is very soft and doesn’t break easily.
Uniform size (20G) throughout its length and ensures savings to customers.
Doesn’t scale and hurt the masons.
Distinct packaging to protect the wire from rusting.
Available in standard packing weight of 10 kg, 25 kg and 50 kg.