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Tata Pipes had been a pioneer in the manufacturing of pipes, specifically meant for plumbing applications. To meet the continually increasing demand for quality pipes in the plumbing and irrigation segment, significant improvements in the quality of pipes have been brought about through innovation in the pipe making and galvanizing process. Galvanized pipes are one of the most important elements in a plumbing set up. The pipes need to satisfy the specific characteristics during their intended usage, particularly with respect to ease of installation and water flow, long-term behavior with respect to corrosion resistance and longevity.

Key Points

Savings & Economy: All Tata Pipes are made from the best quality steel from Tata Steel, with very low levels of Sulphur, Phosphorus and impurities.

Greater Resistance: Consistent and uniform Zinc coating both on the outside and inside of the tubes provides greater resistance to corrosion, avoidance of water contamination and longer life.

Superior Fabrication: Low levels of Carbon, Manganese in the steel, along with controlled rolling of HR stripes delivers superior fabrication characteristics when needed.

Reliability: Strict conformance to desired properties due to adherence to the schemes of testing and inspection laid down by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). This assures the consistent product quality and adherence to performance promises.