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Tata STRUCTURA was launched as part of Tata Steel’s long-term commitment towards providing solutions to the construction and the infrastructural needs of the country, and with a view towards equipping the architect, engineering and the consultant fraternity with a new-age and contemporary construction product. Tata STRUCTURA provides significant enhancement in aesthetics and visual appeal and is being increasingly used in iconic structures countrywide. STRUCTURA avoids huge consumption of cement, sand and other materials to avoid pressure on the natural resources and the environment. Tata STRUCTURA is available in rectangular, square and circular hollow sections.

Key Points

Delivers increased tensile capacity because of concentric connections and increased compressive strength because of higher radius of gyration.
Possess full strength under bending moment due to superior torsional rigidity.
Better compressive strength due to lower slenderness ratio and higher yield strength.
The concentric connections of symmetrical hollow sections are extremely efficient in resisting secondary moments.
Because of lightweight, the seismic forces on the structure will be less, thereby reducing the weight of the structure.
Up to 30% reduction in steel consumption as compared to conventional sections.
On earthquake resistant structures, the lower dead weight of Tata Structura helps in reducing the design loads, thereby reducing the material cost of foundation.