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Here comes the complete reform with the Super Ductile Tata Tiscon 550SD! It is the newest and most formidable force to build a future perfect construction. A testament to the unmatched trust of Tata Steel, it is India’s first GreenPro certified rebar and is manufactured using industry leading innovative automation. Made from virgin iron ore and pure steel, every rebar has more load carrying capacity because of its supreme strength and ductility. Not to mention its enhanced earthquake resistant properties. Why wait? Lay an unshakable foundation of your dreams with Tata Tiscon 550SD!

Key Points

More StrengthMore Strength = More Savings

More Flexibility: More Flexibility (ductility) = More Safety

More Eco-friendlyIndia’s First GreenPro Certified Rebar

More Assurance: Ensures peace-of-mind while purchasing